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Q: Can I use Flex Seal® in a basement, bathroom, closet or attic?
A: Use Flex Seal® ONLY in a well-ventilated area. When using inside, prevent vapor buildup by opening doors and windows. Ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. Do not use near heat, sparks, pilot lights or other sources of ignition.

Q: What colors does Flex Seal® come in?
A: Flex Seal® comes in Black, BRITE, Clear, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Almond, Brown, Silver, and White. Once dry, Flex Seal can be easily painted any color.

Q: How do I apply Flex Seal®?
A: Protective clothing is recommended. Use only in a well-ventilated area. When using inside, prevent vapor buildup by opening doors and windows. Ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. Do not use near heat, sparks, pilot lights or other sources of ignition. When covering large areas indoors, eliminate ignition sources far from the point of use because vapors are heavier than air and may travel significant distances. When applying to large areas indoors, do not exceed use of 1/2 of a can before allowing one hour for the coating to dry and vapors to dissipate before using again. Shake well and spray using an even sweeping motion. Apply several even coats until ALL cracks and holes have been filled. Allow Flex Seal® to dry completely before applying the next coat. Fully cures in 24 hours. Spray a larger area than where the leak occurred and feather edges. Works best at can temperatures above 60∞F. Occasionally shake can throughout application.

Q: How much will one can of Flex Seal® cover?
A: Depending on number of coats and thickness, one large can will treat up to a 2 to 8 square feet area and one JUMBO can will treat up to 2 to 12 square feet or 40% more! We recommend you spray the area using an even sweeping motion, let it dry completely and recoat again. Several even coats are better than one coat and each time you recoat the surface you will continue to fill in any holes or cracks and the surface will be sealed.

Q: How do I apply Flex Seal®
Shake well and spray an even sweeping motion from a distance of 12 to 14 inches. Spray a larger area than just where leak has occurred and feather edges. For best results, apply several coats rather than one thick coat and use at can-temperatures above 60∞F. After each use, invert the can and apply a short burst to clear nozzle.

Q: How long does Flex Seal® take to dry?
A: Dry time depends on the temperature, humidity and thickness of the coating. Flex Seal will usually dry to the touch within 2 to 3 hours and in 24 hours fully cure. Flex Seal® gets stronger over time.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Normal shipping is 2 to 4 weeks but with priority processing Flex Seal ships in only 5 to 7 days. Flex Seal® cannot be shipped overnight.

Q: How much pressure will Flex Seal® withstand?
A: Flex Seal® withstands normal water pressure and rainwater and is not made to withstand extreme pressures.

Q: What will Flex Seal® adhere to?
A: Flex Seal® will adhere to most any surface such as: wood, metal, tile, concrete, masonry, fabric, glass, plastic, aluminum, porcelain, dry wall, rubber, cement, vinyl and just about any other surface.

Q: Can I apply Flex Seal® on a wet surface?
A: YES, you can apply Flex Seal® on a wet surface. However, Flex Seal® will always adhere better to a clean, dry surface rather than a wet, dirty surface. Also, if the surface is wet or cold Flex Seal® will take longer to dry.

Q: Can I apply Flex Seal® when it is raining?
A: YES, you can. However, Flex Seal® may take longer to dry and a strong rain may wash away some of the liquid rubber.

Q: How long will Flex Seal® last?
A: Flex Seal® will last for years without cracking, peeling or losing any of its strength or sealing properties.

Q: Will Flex Seal® dry out, crack or peel?
A: NO, Flex Seal® will not dry out, crack or peel, it stays flexible and pliable.

Q: Will Flex Seal® sag or drip in the summer heat?
A: NO, Flex Seal® will not sag or drip in the summer heat, it wonít break down.

Q: What is Flex Seal® made of?
A: Flex Seal® is a thick, durable, mastic rubberize coating that is specially formulated to spray out as a liquid, seep into cracks and holes and dry to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating.

Q: Can I paint it on or brush it on instead of spraying?
A: YES, you can spray the Flex Seal® directly into a bowl and paint it, brush it or roll it on any area. Once dry, recoat as needed.

Q: Can I use Flex Seal® to seal the inside of a water tank used for drinking?
A: NO, we do not recommend that you use Flex Seal® where it comes in direct contact with drinking water.

Q: Can I use Flex Seal® to fix radiators, tires or other areas with extreme heat and pressure?
A: NO, Flex Seal® will withstand your normal water pressure but it's not made to withstand extreme heat or pressure.

Q: Can I use it on a gasoline tank?
A: NO, Flex Seal® should not be used to seal a gasoline tank, oil tank or any other combustible material.

Q: Is Flex Seal associated with GAF?
A: NO, Flex Seal® is not affiliated with GAF and is not intended for use by Professional Roofers.

Q: Is Flex Seal® Clear the same formula as Flex Seal® Original and Flex Seal® Brite?
A: Flex Seal® Clear coats, seals, protects and stops leaks fast! However, in order to give Flex Seal® Clear its amazing transparency, we had to make some adjustments to our formula. Therefore, Flex Seal® Clear will be slightly thinner and multiple, even coats may be needed to get the job done.

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